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1379287763As a professional Mistress I often hear from subs all over the world who would love to serve if they only A. were closer or B. had more money…

To help you get creative and still be useful I’ve compiled 20+ ways you can serve from afar, with just a bit of effort, and ranging from generous to no cost.

$$ (Some Expense)
1. Send Gifts.

2. Offer to pay for Her advertising.

3. Buy things from Her: clips, socks, clothes, shoes, images, commissions, get creative…

4. Arrange a skype session.

5. Send a tribute: Gift card, Paypal, Venmo (@Karin-Sin) just to show you care.

Bitcoin is also currently in high demand as it is useful when placing ads. Not all tributes need to be large amounts. You spend >$20 on coffee every week? Pay for Mistresses’ coffee with a sweet surprise tribute to cover a small but helpful expense.

6. Give Her a call: I’m often available on I love hearing about your fantasies and dirty little secrets, or maybe I can tell you a story or two.

$ (Minimal Expense)
7. Get in touch and make a deal…

8. Make purchases through and support Mistresses links.

9. Send her something you’ve made. fan art, fruits, vegetables, or flowers from your garden

Taller than you … photo from a good little one ☺️

A photo posted by Ms Karin Sin (@mskarinsin) on

10. Give (winning) lotto tickets, the mystery, the fun, the potential…

11. Get creative:
Mistress Echo suggests: “Write reviews, like all of my posts, catfish my enemies, do my taxes, have the weather and my horoscope texted to me before I wake up, bid on my eBay items to jump the prices, join me in a two person online poker scam but let me keep all the winnings”
Another seasoned Mistress suggests: “Editing HTML for my Niteflirt, writing my ads, editing pictures.”

12. Always respect her boundaries and do your very best to follow requests and protocols.

13. Suggest and connect Her with Mistress guides and directories where She should be listed.

14. Support Her on social media: (You can find Me on twitter and instagram @MsKarinSin)
Use your social following to help promote your favorite Mistress and get more eyes on Her projects. If you don’t want to use your ‘real name’ you can create a new anonymous profile and shower Mistress with shoutouts and public praise.

Caveat: I do NOT suggest creating a promotional profile for a Mistress using any version of her name unless you have Her express permission. No you are not @KarinsPet unless you have earned it and been given explicit permission from Me. One way to earn it is to show consistent love, respect, and service.

15. Post a review: the Hang on is a good place to start.

16. Tell a kinky friend:
Do you attend fetish events, have other kinky friends who you hang out with. Tell them about the Goddess you wish to worship. Send them to her website.

17. Reach out (and share Her links and profile) on Fetlife:
Fetlife is a great place to connect and learn more about a Domme’s interests and personal connections. Send a message and tell Her how beautiful she is, make friends, like and comment on her pictures. We all enjoy positive attention and feedback.

18. Share her pictures WITH LINKS on social and include relevant tags #KarinSin #DenverDomme #BestMistressEver

19. Ask if you can help her with a project:
“I’d have them do research for Me so that I can spend My time on more important tasks” The possibilities are endless.

20. Suggest and support other ways she can expand Her business and reach.

21. Put Her banner on your sites:

Fetish, BDSM, Goddess Worship

<img src="" alt="Fetish, BDSM, Goddess Worship" width="468" height="60" />
How NOT to serve: Do not offer to be Her bedroom buddy, sex slave, or even ‘personal’ slave if you have not already made an effort to show your sincerity and willingness via some of the methods mentioned above.

If you’re a Domme, sub, or just have some interesting ideas to include feel free to comment below, or contact Me directly with your ideas or questions.

  5 Responses to “20+ Ways to Serve From Afar for Maximum Impact”

  1. Hmmmm….makes me wonder what else i could do for You

  2. Dear Mistress,
    I apologize for not keeping in touch with you more. I was injured in an accident
    And have been on pain pills and bedridden for almost a month now. I
    Am most anxious to see you again when I am able.


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