Jan 042017

Yes, Mother F*ckers! Today is My Birthday!

I know you’re all wondering how you can help make it special…
Well, this year we are going to celebrate big and messy at Mile High Dungeon with a party. This party isn’t just for Me, it’s for all you kinky Capricorns and your foodie friends!

Get your tickets now!

Photo courtesy of Perry Gallagher (no it’s not Me!)

If you can’t make it to the party but you still want to contribute to the fun you can make a donation through the eventbrite page as well.

Join Me on Facebook and you can RSVP to the event there and on Fetlife too!

Important links:
Get Your Tickets for January 14th Capricorn Bday Party Now!
Send a gift or gift card – it’s never too late!
Best Holiday Gifts for Mistress, Do you Remember My Birthday?
Birthday Service…

Truth: Everything is going to hell, don’t you just want a eat some gorgeous food and shove a cupcake in someone’s face?

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