Mar 242017

The following is a guest post of fan fiction written by one of My little sluts. Enjoy! -K

my instructions are written on a piece of paper and left on the table in the foyer of the dungeon. It reads:

“Dear slut,

Tonight, I’ve decided that the preparation for playtime is going to be a bit different than what you are accustomed to; starting with this note. you will read it fully and carefully and follow it exactly as it is written. The instructions are going to be very specific and any deviations from what I have asked will be dealt with.

First you are to enter the room in front of you and, as is customary, you will strip naked. However, you will then fold your clothes neatly in a pile in the following order, pant first, 12 inch square, shirt, eight inch square, underwear, six inch square, socks folded two-by-six and wallet and watch on top of that. you will place them 12 inches away from the wall next to my chair and set your shoes and belt next to them. Then you will kneel in front of my chair with your hands behind your back and crossed at the wrist, right over left. your knees will be shoulder width apart and your feet will be the same. your head will be bowed and your eyes will be closed the entire time you a kneeling. you will then recite, from memory, the rules I have assigned you… you will do this quietly. When you have completed that, you will spend the time until I greet you reflecting on me, on you, on O/our relationship as a Dominant and her submissive, and lastly you will think about what brought you here in the first place. What brought you to serve Me in the very beginning.

you may begin now.

Mistress Karin”

i quickly retreat to the Goddess room downstairs and start removing the items of clothing. The room is dimly lit. i can’t see around very well, but i’ve been here before, so i am familiar with the layout.

Normally, She has me put the clothing in a random, but neat pile in the corner, but tonight, She’s changed things up a bit to see how closely i pay attention to details. As i attend to Her request, i begin to think about Her. i start thinking about how She looks whenever W/we get together for our play-sessions.

Her beautiful feet encased in stiletto heels, those gorgeous, strong legs that lead to Her beautiful behind, that is normally hidden behind a dress, skirt or some slightly revealing panties, those beautiful captivating breasts…

Suddenly i realize i’ve been focusing on Her body for so long, i’ve gotten lost in Her task of folding your clothes and kneeling. i quickly tend to the tasks. Neatly folding and placing the clothes as close to 12 inches away from the wall as i can estimate, i then kneel, arms crossed a the wrist, knees shoulder-width apart and head bowed.

What i hear next startles me in the dimness of my play space. Suddenly, i hear Her voice come from what sounds like a speaker behind me. “Be mindful of what my instructions were. Focus on the things I asked you to. Think about those things and think about the commitment you made to me. I will be in shortly.”

Her voice ends as abruptly as it starts. i realize that i’m not alone in this dimly lit room. She must have a camera in here somewhere that is allowing Her to keep an eye on me. My level of vulnerability increases at the thought. What does She have in store for you? As i’m kneeling in the center of Mistress Karin’s Goddess Room… alone with my thoughts and occasionally… the sound of Her voice.

She left me a very specific, detailed set of instructions regarding what i was supposed to do before She joined me to continue my training. Did i remember everything She asked me to do? Did i fold my vanilla clothes exactly as directed? Are they sized correctly? Are they stacked in the correct order? Did i place them precisely 12 inches from the wall on the spot that She asked?

i can almost hear Her voice inside my head asking me those questions. i’m starting to have my doubts i’m not sure if completed that task perfectly or not? Do i dare get up from the kneeling position to double-check? i suspect there’s a camera somewhere in the dungeon that allows Her to watch me from another room, but i’m not sure. What am i going to do?

i nervously rise to my feet and quietly tip-toe over the pile of clothes and start examining them to see if everything is sized and stacked correctly.

“slut? Did I say you could get up from your kneeling position?”

Her voice, startles me, but confirms my suspicion. She is watching me. i quickly scurry back to the spot in front of Her chair… Her throne if you will, and return to my kneeling position.

“I asked you a question. It was not a rhetorical question; I expect an answer. Did I say you could get up from your kneeling position?”
“No Mistress Karin,” i answer. “i am sorry for my insubordinate behavior. It will not happen again.” “Of course it won’t. There will be some corrective action taken when I join you. Now, don’t you have some memory work to do?”

i remember that i’m supposed to recite all the rules Mistress Karin has laid out for me during our initial introduction phase.

As i bow my head and close my eyes, i begin reciting HER rules.

“When i greet Mistress Karin, i will always use the following greeting “Good (morning, afternoon, evening) Mistress Karin. i am here should you need me. Until such time i am acknowledged, i will not initiate any conversation with Mistress. Depending on Mistress Karin’s mood, i may be allowed ONE request per meeting with Her, but the request must be made by begging rather than asking.”
As i continue with my recitation, She is silently listening in another part of the dungeon. Making sure i do not miss a rule or state a rule incorrectly. i know, like Santa Claus, Mistress Karin always knows.

With a sense of satisfaction, i kneel quietly, thinking i hit every single rule spot on. “Oh dear slave, you should have said the number before each rule,” i hear from the speaker in the room. “If you had, you would have realized you skipped a rule. Do you know which one you missed? Although it is no more important than any other rule I have assigned to you, it is one of my personal favorites.”

i fumble through my mind trying to think which rule i might have missed, when Her beautiful  voice reminds me:

“Mistress may assign homework at any time and She will set the due date. How DID you forget that one? Well I can assure you there will be some additional homework tonight so you don’t forget the homework rule. Now that the hard part of tonight’s list is over, it’s time for you to reflect on our relationship as a Dominant and submissive. Think about what brought you here to serve Me in the very beginning and how have you grown since. I will be in in just a moment.”

As the speaker clicks off, signifying that She is done speaking, i take a mental journey back to the very beginning where it all started… the first face-to-face meeting and the sound of Her voice. So seductive, yet so powerful… the way She uses a calm, but firm tone to take control of Her slaves. i remember the first time, i heard Her voice, how it entered my head and captured my mind. How She looked when She opened the door the first time. How i knew after the first few minutes of hearing Her voice, that my life was never going to be the same. i felt a calling. i wanted… no… needed to serve Her in any way possible. i felt that my life was somehow incomplete before Her. i was in such subspace after our first play session, i left two or three personal items behind and got four or five miles away before She texted me to tell me to come back to get them. i joked that i did it on purpose to see Her again, but i was already so captivated by Her, that i know She saw through my ruse. i honestly forgot, but it was great seeing Her and getting to hug Her one more time.

Her intelligence intimidated me. Her wit and intellect made me feel unworthy. i wasn’t sure if She would even acknowledge me after i fumbled through my introductory email and application. As i recall, it took Her a few days to respond to my email request for attention. i remember how excruciating it was… waiting to see what She might say. i recall how when i finally saw a reply from Her my heart started pounding and i could feel “butterflies” in my stomach.

Now as i look back over the past months, i wonder how i could have lived life any different. How my life could have ever felt complete before Her. In fact, that’s how i view my life now. Before meeting Mistress and after meeting Mistress.

Suddenly my reflection time is broken by the sound of Her voice… only this time, it’s not coming from the speaker. Now, it’s coming from behind me.

“I hope you’ve had adequate time to think. I’m going to check to see that you’ve taken proper care of your clothing as I directed. Then I will address your previous errors and we’ll continue with your training.”

As i focus on the sound of Her voice and what She’s telling me… it all becomes crystal clear, and a slight smile comes to my face. my life wasn’t really measured in “before and after meeting Mistress” it was more like “my life when it was incomplete and my life when it became complete.”

Now be a good boy

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