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This is another guest collaboration with My recently acquired secretary / marketing assistant. he’s still in his first 90 days on probation, so we’ll see if he gets a more permanent gig. Follow him on twitter and RT his posts to give him your vote of confidence, if you’re enjoying My recent content, of course. Now on to the interview:

“First, thank You for allowing me to ask You a few questions to better give Your followers an idea about who You are and what Your interests both in and out of the scene are.”

“After the Fall” photo by mykal binds. Taken after I was suspended in My roller skates!

Q1. How did You get to this point in Your life within the scene? Soup to nuts, how did You go from being a young “vanilla” Woman to being a switch and ultimately a Dominant? And how did You come to choose this profession?

A1. Some of you may know my story or some bits and pieces. I’m not sure I would ever have been classified as “vanilla” from forever I have considered Myself polyamorous and pansexual, even if I didn’t know the nuance or big words for it all. It all really began with a bit of exotic dancing and a sprinkle of alt modeling thrown into the mix.

When I arrived in the Bay Area around 2007 I was turned on to “Foot Parties” and attended a few. This was where I met the people who would suggest the Gates to Me and ultimately bring Me there to play and then to train to become a Pro Domme and Switch.

It was over the next 5 years that I started My deep dive into Bondage, BDSM, Latex, and Fetish with the Bay Area and the legendary women of the Gates as My home base. I have never really thought of My “work” as a Domme as a “profession” as much as a “lifestyle” or “hustle” in the best possible way. I have always worked in many different gigs and jobs, and I continue to play on occasion even when I have full-time employment.

Playing as a Pro-Domme allowed Me to explore My own fetishes, support some of My lifestyles and also level the field for My play partners. This is why I choose to do “work” that I enjoy, objectifying Myself on My own terms and for My own gain. Meanwhile indulging the wild and perverse fetishes of people I would never encounter in any other juncture in My life, and if you can’t tell, I kinda love it.

Q2. What brought You to Denver? What do You like/dislike about living in the Mile High City?

A2. Desire to be closer to family and for a change of scenery and pace were really the main things that brought Me to the Mile High City. I have really enjoyed it here so far and I’m coming up on three years. I’ve met some amazing people here in Denver and I think it will always have a place in My heart even if it is not My forever home. Only time will tell where I’m off to next!

Q3. What are major turn-offs for You both in and out of the scene?

A3. Dishonesty, flakiness, egotism, arrogance, and time wasters. I really prefer in a scene if a sub is communicative rather than quiet. But I’m not opposed to someone who doesn’t want to talk the whole time. As some of you know I just really enjoy making you ask and beg for the things you want Me to do to you. Communication is key so shitty communicators are kinda the worst, no?

Q4. What are some of Your hobbies, what do You like to do when You aren’t in the dungeon?

A4. I really enjoy roller skating and doing the stairs at Red Rocks, but I don’t do that enough really. I love gardening and wish I had a whole farm to cultivate! Some day!

Q5. What are the biggest misconceptions people have about what You do and who You are?

A5. Most people wonder why I don’t “use” My degrees instead of doing “sex work” or maybe they think I should do both. I think other people presume that an in person session is something like the BDSM they see in pr0n with full service opportunities. I think another main misconception is that this is a full time “job” and I am “on” most of the time.

Q6. As a submissive, the lead up to a scene can be very intense, for me the drive from the springs to Denver seemed to take forever the day, W/we met. It was a very nerve-wracking day leading up to the time W/we played. For a Domme, I’m sure getting ready for a scene can also be same. Can You take us through Your normal pre-scene preparations and how You get in the right frame of mind?

A6. I like to get a good amount of information from My subs before a scene, especially if it’s our first meeting. I will take some time the day of our session to read over the request again. Make sure I have the right toys, shoes and attire for the job.

A few hours before I’ll usually freshen up with a shower and do most of My make-up at home. I head over to the Dungeon to arrive about 30 mins before you are set to arrive and I prepare the space. I get dressed into My sexy outfit for the occasion and I put on My red lipstick.

Sometimes I make coffee or light a candle to help set the mood. If I have some time I’ll take a selfie or two while I wait. Set the music and anticipate your arrival.

Q7. Most Dommes will say they are naturally dominant in their everyday lives, but just like any professional, sometimes You just aren’t feeling it. How do You overcome a “case of the Mondays” when You have scene already scheduled?

A7. When it comes to an interesting scene with lots of potential activities it’s not hard for Me to get in the mood, no matter what day of the week. An eager sub also helps! If the sub is low energy and and it’s late in the day I admit I might have a moment of weakness where I just want to get My feet rubbed and nearly fall asleep. That’s also where the coffee hopefully kicks in!

Q8. Many people think BDSM and immediately conjure images of 50 Shades of Grey. Did that movie help or hurt the scene in Your opinion?

A8. I think this is a loaded question. I have to admit that I didn’t read the book, but I know it brought a lot more mainstream interest and (maybe some mainstream acceptance) to the scene. It seems that women (more so than the men who are most often My clients) were really drawn to the “filthy-rich-stalkery-dom” / “virginal-sugar-baby-sub” dynamic.

Quick answer questions (these are funky kinds of questions that really show Your quirky fun side):

1. You can have a four-course dinner with five people famous or not, living or dead. Who are You picking and where are You going?

The first person at My table would be Hollie Stevens, I still miss her very much and think of her often and she was not only My birthday twin, but one of My most favorite people ever. Second, would be My platonic life partner Mistress Savannah who some of you may know from the Gates days. Finally I’m thinking, Barack Obama, Tori Amos, and Carrie Fisher. That would make for some interesting conversation indeed!

We would go to the circus themed restaurant in SF: Straw

2. Three reasons to make Detroit your next vacation destination:

  • Ms. Karin will be spending more time there.
  • Especially in the summer time the view of the river and lakes is lovely.
  • Take Me to the casino, I haven’t been yet!

3. Rank in order: Kevin Bacon, Stranahan’s Whiskey, Double Stuff Oreos, the Marvel movie series, Prince, Big Bang Theory, pedicures, Count Chocula Cereal and Tiger Woods.

  1. Prince
  2. Pedicures
  3. Stranahan’s Whiskey
  4. Marvel movies
  5. Double Stuff Oreos
  6. Kevin Bacon
  7. Big Bang Theory
  8. Count Chocula
  9. Tiger Woods

4. Famous person You would love to do a play scene with?

I went to see Dave Chapelle at Red Rocks last year and he has a whole set about being a foot fetishist. I’d love to have him come check out My perfect 10s!

5. Worst pickup line You’ve ever heard?

There are so many these days! I’m going to have to say it’s the dick pic pickup line. Which obviously isn’t a line and can’t possibly be effective as a pick-up, but is insanely prevalent these days. Just say no! 

That’s all for now! Did you enjoy this Q&A to get to know Me a bit better? Share on Twitter and tag Me and My secretary so that we know you like it.


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