Aug 022017

How long have you been reading Ms. Karin’s blog and staring at Her photos, longing to speak directly to Her? How many times have you started the process of applying and then stopped? Have you looked at Her Niteflirt page and thought about calling? How have you imagined a fantasy with Her unfolding? Do you picture Her in leather or latex? Is She dressed in conservative business attire? Maybe She’s wearing a pair of jeans or casual attire? Do you really think you can handle Her? Can you handle all the different things She can be?

Bad Ass

“Bad Ass”

  • She can be the firm and controlling voice that doesn’t allow you release.
  • She can be that sensual voice in your ear that teases you right to the very edge, then brings you back.
  • She can be that secret you don’t want your wife or girlfriend to know about.
  • She can turn you into the little sissy you’ve longed to be.
  • She can place you in chastity and hold the key for as long as you want.
  • She can be your confidant that you confess everything to.
  • She can role-play to the point where reality and fantasy become one.
  • She can be the task-Mistress of a boss that uses Her sexuality to keep you working long into the night.
  • She can be the teacher that keeps you after class for a little extra instruction… or some corrective action.
  • She can have you serving as a domestic servant or a maid.
  • She can be your captor and interrogate you until you blurt out your “safe word.”
  • She can hold your mind, body and soul hostage as long as you can take.
  • She can pull your strings like a puppet master.
  • She can give you just enough rope that you end up getting yourself all tangled up in your own mess.
  • Or She can use that rope and truss you up in ways you never imagined.
  • She can use you as Her footstool and not pay you a second thought.
  • She can convince you to do just about anything She wants, or She can let you describe your dream scenario and She can present it to you with a few twists of Her own.
  • She can be the temptress that coaxes out every little secret you’ve kept from everyone else.
  • She can cater to your desire to have a soft, caring, nurturing voice.
  • Or She can be the humiliatrix that exposes you and every single fault She can find.
  • She can be playful and fun.
  • She can also be cold and calculating.
  • She can take you to sub-space where you find yourself in a state of euphoria or give you an emotional release that you’ve needed for far too long.
  • She can snuggle up to you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

This is only scratching the surface of what She can be. So what’s keeping you NOW from contacting Her? She’s only a few clicks away. The only limit is yours and Her mind.

Why not get in touch and book a session today.

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