Aug 022017

How long have you been reading Ms. Karin’s blog and staring at Her photos, longing to speak directly to Her? How many times have you started the process of applying and then stopped? Have you looked at Her Niteflirt page and thought about calling? How have you imagined a fantasy with Her unfolding? Do you picture Her in leather or latex? Is She dressed in conservative business attire? Maybe She’s wearing a pair of jeans or casual attire? Do you really think you can handle Her? Can you handle all the different things She can be?

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May 192017
Service Submissive

My Secretary doing what he does best: Making Me Smile!

Help Wanted! Apply Within: ISO Service Submissive Greater Detroit Area

Coming Up: June through mid-July Ms. Karin Sin is making another trip from Denver to Detroit.

This is a very special opportunity for a loyal and helpful submissive service-minded person to assist Ms. Karin Sin in a variety of ways while She is visiting the Detroit area. Click through to find out more: Continue reading »

Apr 072017

This is another guest collaboration with My recently acquired secretary / marketing assistant. he’s still in his first 90 days on probation, so we’ll see if he gets a more permanent gig. Follow him on twitter and RT his posts to give him your vote of confidence, if you’re enjoying My recent content, of course. Now on to the interview:

“First, thank You for allowing me to ask You a few questions to better give Your followers an idea about who You are and what Your interests both in and out of the scene are.”

“After the Fall” photo by mykal binds. Taken after I was suspended in My roller skates!

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Mar 242017

The following is a guest post of fan fiction written by one of My little sluts. Enjoy! -K

my instructions are written on a piece of paper and left on the table in the foyer of the dungeon. It reads:

“Dear slut,

Tonight, I’ve decided that the preparation for playtime is going to be a bit different than what you are accustomed to; starting with this note. you will read it fully and carefully and follow it exactly as it is written. The instructions are going to be very specific and any deviations from what I have asked will be dealt with.

First you are to enter the room in front of you and, as is customary, you will strip naked. However, you will then fold your clothes neatly in a pile in the following order, pant first, 12 inch square, shirt, eight inch square, underwear, six inch square, socks folded two-by-six and wallet and watch on top of that. you will place them 12 inches away from the wall next to my chair and set your shoes and belt next to them. Then you will kneel in front of my chair with your hands behind your back and crossed at the wrist, right over left. your knees will be shoulder width apart and your feet will be the same. your head will be bowed and your eyes will be closed the entire time you a kneeling. you will then recite, from memory, the rules I have assigned you… you will do this quietly. When you have completed that, you will spend the time until I greet you reflecting on me, on you, on O/our relationship as a Dominant and her submissive, and lastly you will think about what brought you here in the first place. What brought you to serve Me in the very beginning.

you may begin now.

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Feb 242017

I got a really nice call the other day on Niteflirt. P told Me about how he would like to have a session the next time he’s in Denver and mentioned that I have a lot of modeling picture on My site, but… I think he was implying that I don’t have many shots around featuring submission by My good little sluts! 

Well that will not do! I must admit that I’m not always sure about the best balance of pix to post to appease all you fikle f*ckers. Including pix of My Feet, My chest, along with other miscellaneous, you might find a few prize moments with the boys.

Exhibit A:

mr. teeny tiny 😆

A post shared by Ms Karin Sin (@mskarinsin) on

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Feb 092017


As of February 14, 2017, yeah Valentine’s Day, I will be officially 9 years since I took My very first session at the Gates. (Tell Me you don’t love the wayback machine?!)

TBT for real though

To celebrate I’ve decided to offer a Valentine’s Special all month long during February. Get in touch about My special rates for February and treat yourself to some happy time at My feet.

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Jan 272017

It’s been a few since I posted a Friday Photo Feature for you all, so I decided to set it off BIG-ly with My most recent shoot for a special little one. This custom set was requested by a (mostly) good little who has been serving Me for many years. Serving from afar isn’t always easy but requesting a custom shoot can make for a lot of fun and some great photos. IMG_1153.done
Check out the shots from My most recent Giantess themed shoot and get in touch if you’d like to see Me in some custom shots. These photos were taken at Mile High Dungeon in the Goddess Room. Continue reading »

Jan 232017

Well, all I can really say is, that was fucking amazing! So many thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate at our Capricorn Messy Birthday Party at Mile High Dungeon. The models were amazingly good sports, and the food was soooo good, wasn’t it?!


For those of you who couldn’t make it I’ve compiled some of My favorite photos right here. If you have photos from the event please share and tag Me on social or email them directly to

What a blast! Click through to see the pix and stay tuned to find out more about the next event at MHD coming up on Friday, February 3rd…

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Jan 042017

Yes, Mother F*ckers! Today is My Birthday!

I know you’re all wondering how you can help make it special…
Well, this year we are going to celebrate big and messy at Mile High Dungeon with a party. This party isn’t just for Me, it’s for all you kinky Capricorns and your foodie friends!

Get your tickets now!

Photo courtesy of Perry Gallagher (no it’s not Me!)

If you can’t make it to the party but you still want to contribute to the fun you can make a donation through the eventbrite page as well.

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