Nov 032016

Another Folsom Street Fair has come and gone. I had a great time this year, as always, but I was sad that I didn’t run into more friends at the event.
The usual kinky fun was everywhere to be seen. Take a look at some photos of my outfit for the day right here in this post. Maybe I’ll see you there next year?

img_9162-1(Image edited with Prisma)
img_9101-1Custom Shirt by Lust Designs. Color Change Sequin Shorts by Derby Kiss
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Oct 142016

Recently I was contacted by a very talented photographer named Kerry Brown. Kerry has an awesome cinematic style and when he suggested we find a spot in between Colorado Springs and Denver. We met up in Monument on Sunday afternoon. I slipped into some sexy black dresses, sky high heels and leg baring shorts. With classic ‘mericana as the backdrop. Check out some more of our shots and let Me know what you think in the comments below. Continue reading »

Apr 122016

unnamed (2)I don’t ask for much…
But one thing I really want… it might even be a fetish how happy it makes me.

This post was inspired by a funny post on tumblr. It really spoke to Me as I have very little patience for people who speak one way and act another.

“what’s the next fetish y’all gonna start in 2016”

“Consistency and communication”

The truth is, the Truth has been My fetish for awhile now, I guess more folks are catching on. Curious?

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Feb 122016

I don’t have a lot of words to go with these pictures. Suffice to say, when I had the opportunity to shoot with Isaiah Mays last month in LA I jumped at it. And the wonderful coincidence was that My lovely friend gave Me this insanely sexy dress the day before our shoot. Click through to see more and feel free to comment to tell Me what you think. All photos copyright 2016 Isaiah Mays Continue reading »

Dec 252015

Hello cuties! Oh and Merry Christmas Ho Ho HO…
I’m back with a long awaited Friday Photo Feature for you.
My favorite Denver based photog Fightin’ Irishman has blessed us with some new photos of yours truly in My latex and roller skates and taking off My purple bodysuit which you might remember from FSF 2015.

Rollin' thanks to Fightin' Irishman Photography

A photo posted by Ms Karin Sin (@mskarinsin) on

You’re going to want to scroll down to see alllll of these… and a lot more of ME.

I've got some hot new pix coming to My blog soon. In the meantime … thanks Fightin' Irishman ☺️

A photo posted by Ms Karin Sin (@mskarinsin) on

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