Oct 152010

First things first: This movie is so HOT! Nenna’s Tight Places is a Reel Queer production featuring exclusively women of color.

Scene 1:
Brooklyn and Vai… I don’t think Vai pants ever come off all the way,  but we know she gets off, ALOT… and it is really, really wet.

They are fucking outside on a bench. D asked if I would leave him for Brooklyn…

umm no… I don’t even know her, but… I might let her… do… that…

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May 042010

I was so curious about Courtney Trouble’s movie Bordello ever since I saw the cover with some of my favorite beautiful and sweet friends on it; Carson, Tina Horn and Akira Raine. I love these beautiful women and I love working with them, as well as checking out their work. So when GoodVibes asked if I would like to review some of their GoodReleasing titles, I jumped on this one.  I received the disk in the mail and proceeded to find out if I could multitask and watch the porn for review while I was getting tattooed the next day.

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Apr 052010

In honor of the Feminist Porn Awards going on this week in Toronto. I watched some hot FPA nominated porn starring some of my favorite performers: Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovich and April Flores, in particular, in their waterfall scene in the very scenic Dangerous Curves. This movie is from Good Releaseing’s Heart Core Films. This scene was just so enjoyable to watch, culminating in a waterfall of squirting from the very talented Jiz. The whole movie was filmed really well and the voluptuous ladies are oh so enticing. I spent this holiday afternoon watching and playing with my new boyfriend and a consistent lover. Needless to say I had fun, and you can too!

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Feb 052010

Hell Yay for Queer Porn and the force that is Courtney Trouble! She brought us NoFauxx.com and continues to represent with some of the best new porn out there. She has a wonderful eye and doesn’t hold back to bring us some of the realest scenes you can find on film today. Not to mention she has worked with many lovely people that I know from the Bay Area scene and I always get a kick out of seeing them doing their thing in her super hot films.

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