Oct 112014

Welcome to a new feature on my site where I will have good boys and girls reviewing sexy products. Yes, sometimes I like to keep the products I receive from awesome companies like GoodVibes all to myself, but sometimes I also like to share. This time around they sent me some items that I couldn’t really use alone so I enlisted a very lucky boy to help. Here’s his review of the new Pocket Tenga Masturbation Sleeves in his own words…

photo (96)

So, Tenga sleeves! I was excited and curious to try these out, both in the solo sense and with my partner especially since I had never tried them or anything like it before and I am always willing and ready to try out new things. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Tenga and was curious about the durability of the sleeves, the size since I am of long and wide endowment, and comfort since I am also uncircumcised, but Tenga didn’t disappoint. To be honest the outcome was really positive and I really enjoyed it on a lot of different levels. Continue reading »

Sep 062010

I received this lovely Glass G-Spotter for review and I wasn’t sure what I should do with it at first. Not that I didn’t know where to put it, because that was not the problem! I was at first thinking I might offer it as a prize in a contest like ‘guess the toy and win’… I was showing it off to my friends and asking if they might like to take it for a spin. No one jumped on it, at first. But the more I looked at this pretty pink glass toy the more I knew I had to keep it for myself. I LOVE every glass toy I have ever came near and this one with its curves, bumps and ridges just looked too good to let it go.

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