Oct 112014

Welcome to a new feature on my site where I will have good boys and girls reviewing sexy products. Yes, sometimes I like to keep the products I receive from awesome companies like GoodVibes all to myself, but sometimes I also like to share. This time around they sent me some items that I couldn’t really use alone so I enlisted a very lucky boy to help. Here’s his review of the new Pocket Tenga Masturbation Sleeves in his own words…

photo (96)

So, Tenga sleeves! I was excited and curious to try these out, both in the solo sense and with my partner especially since I had never tried them or anything like it before and I am always willing and ready to try out new things. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Tenga and was curious about the durability of the sleeves, the size since I am of long and wide endowment, and comfort since I am also uncircumcised, but Tenga didn’t disappoint. To be honest the outcome was really positive and I really enjoyed it on a lot of different levels. Continue reading »

Feb 032014

I’ve been a Goodvibes fan – and affiliate, YES buy through my links! – since I moved to the bay area just about seven years ago. They offer some awesome goodies to enlighten your sex life and carry a lot of products that I personally recommend, Highly. Here are three:

Pop Your Top Kit: Magic Wand is king and this kit has it all. I highly recommend a silicone topper for your magic wand because  vinyl is really only good for records. My friend Lady Cheeky swears by GoodVibes own brand Please Lube. Of which I recently tried the silicone style – although silicone is not recommended for use with silicone toys. I swear by my Hitachi… eh Magic Wand Vibrator and I really want to try these Pop Tops.

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Feb 052010

Hell Yay for Queer Porn and the force that is Courtney Trouble! She brought us NoFauxx.com and continues to represent with some of the best new porn out there. She has a wonderful eye and doesn’t hold back to bring us some of the realest scenes you can find on film today. Not to mention she has worked with many lovely people that I know from the Bay Area scene and I always get a kick out of seeing them doing their thing in her super hot films.

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