Feb 242017

I got a really nice call the other day on Niteflirt. P told Me about how he would like to have a session the next time he’s in Denver and mentioned that I have a lot of modeling picture on My site, but… I think he was implying that I don’t have many shots around featuring submission by My good little sluts! 

Well that will not do! I must admit that I’m not always sure about the best balance of pix to post to appease all you fikle f*ckers. Including pix of My Feet, My chest, along with other miscellaneous, you might find a few prize moments with the boys.

Exhibit A:

mr. teeny tiny 😆

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Jan 272017

It’s been a few since I posted a Friday Photo Feature for you all, so I decided to set it off BIG-ly with My most recent shoot for a special little one. This custom set was requested by a (mostly) good little who has been serving Me for many years. Serving from afar isn’t always easy but requesting a custom shoot can make for a lot of fun and some great photos. IMG_1153.done
Check out the shots from My most recent Giantess themed shoot and get in touch if you’d like to see Me in some custom shots. These photos were taken at Mile High Dungeon in the Goddess Room. Continue reading »